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Risk & crisis expert 4.0


Together front the crisis !

Our chaotic context has threatened many businesses as ever before all over the world.

Businesses Doctor is a strong program to propose the best solutions and experts to help the firms.
The challenge to give you the strength to reinvent your business to face the crisis is our first motivation. 
The second one is to analyse the weaknesses and the risk of your business or in your organization that the crisis has accentuated.

Thirdly, we are creating a task force, around you, made up of several internal and external stakeholders in order to initiate the process of strategic réflexion and opportunities.
The challenge is to act this first step in a very short time to deal with your need for quick and effective solutions.

Above all we want to take care of the leaders, to support and help them to make the best decisions by opting for the best strategies in line with our fourth industrial revolution.

Our single audit method and our tools for decision-making in times of crisis are resolutely intended to act in full compliance with the continuity of the company, its staff and to include it in a viable strategy and 4.0.

The question we have to answer together is: how does my business respond to the needs and uses of my clients in 2020?
In the post Covid crisis, being advised by the best experts in crisis management and restructuring is an unprecedented societal challenge to limit the number of business closures.

CEO, managers, leaders, don’t stay alone, we have solutions for you !

#risque #redressement #crise 


meet the team


STephanie Wismer cassin

Passioned by geo-politics, societal movements, new business models – circles of power, since I was a child. Project after project, in 20 years of ceo career, i have experienced great successes and failures that constitute my motivation to help leaders like you to succeed. I learned to manage internal and external crisis. But also, my knowledge in the spheres of powers, their codes and the issues of public opinion is essential to develop the confidence of partnership. The Covid crisis and its businesses challenges are a matter of urgency for strategically accompanying ceo, and enterprises in difficulty. To meet this demand, Businesses Doctor’s innovates by deploying an efficient and rapid crisis management method though a forward-looking approach. It’s our duty to do everything possible to avoid the massive bankruptcy of businesses in Europe and in the world, as much as, to innovate by adopting new strategies adapted to the challenges of our 4th industrial revolution. Covid crisis must be an opportunity.  The direct impact on employment must not course of humanity and do not allow amateurism or opportunism. That is why I created the Businesses Doctor Method.

Nexty Galaxy propels this action to act on 4 levels : politic, businesses, medias and ecology to have the strongest impact.






Estimate the risk and re-invent the

Businesses is an exigency of our 4th industrial revolution, and it is ours!